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Green Scene Landscaping and Fertilizing
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Green Scene Landscaping and Fertilizing
Green Scene Landscaping and Fertilizing
Green Scene Landscaping and Fertilizing
Green Scene Landscaping and Fertilizing 

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  • Spring clean up
  • Dethatching
  • Aeration and seeding
  • Lawn Cutting
  • Custom Fertilizing Programs
  • Mulching
  • Soil and Ph Testing


  • Shrub Pruning
  • Grub Control
  • Insect and disease control
  • Powerwashing
  • Tree and Shrub fertilization
  • Flea and Tick Program
  • Perimeter Pest Control Program
  • Soil and Ph adjustment applications


  • Aeration and seeding
  • Planting of trees, shrubs and flowers
  • Computerized design for new landscapes
  • Fall fertilization for trees, shrubs, and turf
  • Deep root injection, granular applications, trunk injection
  • Fall cleanup
  • Soil and Ph adjustment applications


  • Tree pruning






Spring Cleanup Typically, this is the first service performed in the early Spring.  Debris from trees, shrubs, and matted grass are removed with blowers and rakes.  Materials, such as leaves and twigs are removed so that the landscape beds are ready for edging and mulching and the turf is groomed to prepare for the growing season.


Dethatching is a process similar to the Spring Cleanup.  The main difference is the addition of a machine mounted rake and an intensive raking process.  The goal is to remove debris from landscape beds and turf, but also to remove heavy excessive thatch to rejuvenate the lawn.  Dethatching also prepares the lawn for our basic overseeding service.


Core Aeration entails using a machine to remove plugs of soil from the lawn.  These cores are removed so that the compacted soil structure will be opened and oxygen can  be introduced to the plant roots.  Aeration will also allow better infiltration of water and fertilizer to the root zone.  This service will also encourage root development of existing turf, prepare a seed bed for overseeding activities, and allow for the easy introduction of soil adjustment products, such as lime.  This is perhaps one of the top three most important lawn maintenance activities to be performed each year.  Aeration is beneficial any time the grass is actively growing.


Overseeding is a process by which new varieties of seed are introduced to your lawn.  We apply this seed using a drop spreader.  For best results, unless the ground has no existing grass, overseeding needs to be incorporated with Core Aeration, Spring cleanup or Dethatching.


Lawn Cutting is perhaps the most critical service performed to your lawn throughout the season.  Improper cutting heights can undermine even the most well planned fertilization and overseeding programs.  We strive to never remove more than one third of the leaf system with each cutting.  To accomplish this, we work conscientiously to keep a regular weekly cutting schedule.  This service includes weedwacking, power edging, and clean up of created debris.


Our Turf Fertilization Program employs the highest quality, longest lasting fertilizers and control products available to the commercial trade.  We will apply the appropriate products to your turf six times throughout the season.  Our Technicians will constantly monitor your turf and make your aware of any disease or insect problems which require additional applications.  Complete soil tests are recommended  for the best success of any fertilization programs.  Ask for details on complete soil testing.




Flea and Tick Program- 3 applications to control fleas and tick, including ticks that carry Lymes Disease.  Protect your pets and children today!


Our Shrub Pruning Program includes two visits.  These visits are designed to be completed Spring and Fall.  This gives our technicians the opportunity to prune your plants at the appropriate time.  Our visit will include shearing and hand pruning.  We will focus on maintaining appropriate plant size and shape, removing dead and damaged wood, and pinching to promote fuller plants with more blooms.  If you have specific instructions for particular plants, let us know and we can accommodate you.


Insect and disease pressures on trees, shrubs and turf is most damaging in the Summer when plants are stressed by heat and drought.  We can do a full examination of your landscape to determine if your plants are being affected by these problems.  After diagnosing the problems, we can provide cost effective treatments and solutions for many insect and disease problems.


Powerwashing- we can pressure wash and clean your siding, concrete and decks so that they are clean and new.  We avoid using any harmful chemicals and just let water do it's job!


Soil and Ph Testing- we will test your soil Ph to determine if your soil is healthy.  If the Ph is low, we will recommend applications to increase the soil Ph to between 6.5-7.  Soil Ph is extremely important for soil health an dplant growth





Core Aeration - this is the best time to aerate your lawn for optimum results.  Contact us to schedule this very important service today


Overseeding - this is the best time to overseed your lawn for optimum results.  We will apply the best seed that the industry has to offer so your lawn can be rejuvenated with the most drought and insect tolerant turf anywhere.


Fall is the time for Tree, Shrub and Flower Planting.  This is because the temperatures are mild, the soil is cool but not cold, soil moisture retention is high, and plants are changing from foliage growth to root and trunk expansion.  These factors make plant survivability highest in the Fall.  We have completed hundreds of successful planting projects.  Our computerized design process can show you what your project will look like after it is installed, before it is installed.  Give us a call for your appointment now.


Fall fertilization will help your trees, shrubs, and turf store the energy they need to survive the Winter.  Plants change their strategy to massive food consumption in the Fall.  It’s a perfect time to feed them.  We are capable of providing many avenues of fertilization.  These include granular and liquid applications, root and soil drenches, soil caplet installation, and trunk injection of specialized products.




Winter is a great time to Prune Trees.  In the Winter, you can easily see the branching structure of your trees.  This makes properly pruning trees easy.   We can elevate low branches,  thin to allow light to penetrate and remove dead or diseased branches.   Any Winter pruning projects are subject to a discounted hourly labor rate.

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